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Oct 23, 2014

Last Week in Photography

I'm off work for the week! I am so happy to be off. This will give me time to catch up on my blogosphere and get my life together. Last week was jam packed full of events and I was able to get a few things photographed. We went out to a bar the other night. A nice chill spot. Sticking with the group order, I tried some carbomb situation and it was ghastly. I could barely get down a sip and they they started chanted MORGAN! MORGAN! causing such a loudness of cheering me on to drink, that I had no choice but to slide down and hide under the bar in shame. lol I still couldn't drink it. 

The picture above is the side of an awesome building. You just don't get to see sides of buildings that look like this often. 

I am starting to build a collection of reflective shots of myself through windows. This particular shot picked up on the reflection as well as through the glass into the building. This one is a little creepy and cool because of how some of the shot makes it look like there are holes through my eyes, but that's just a view through the glass.  

New poster I bought. Still have to get it measured for a frame. I'll be putting this one in my blue room, but I tacked it on to a wall just to see how it looked. 

I'm so exhausted...I need to figure something out. I'm not operating at good levels of efficiency. I feel like I just kind of sit there soaking in my exhaustion, eyes getting heavy like how they used to in my three hour long business finance class. But I have many things to do, people to email, and projects to complete. Let's go coffee!


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