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Oct 15, 2014

Been So Busy. Peanut Brittle and a Toothpick.

I came across some sketches I did about four years ago to increase my shading skills, then I decided to take some pictures of it. This actually has nothing to do what I am writing about today. I have not been on my blog in a good amount of days. I had a college homecoming two weeks ago, which was amazing (and freezing cold). This past week was my beautiful little sister's birthday, she came down from school and we had an awesome time. I have been working as usual during the day. Then doing multiple projects on top of that. I usually rotate my time from one thing to the next. (Which also and quite frequently parallels with me not being able to stick to just one project at a time.)

I want to draw, and take pictures. I want to read beautiful literature in the tub and then go into a writing craze. I want coffee. I want a COFFEE MAKER. I want more of that sea salt caramel pretzel ice cream I got from Target. The churn consistency was perfection. That really does make a difference. The only thing that would make it even more spectacular is if there was even more of a crunch factor. Some of those pretzel pieces softened up a bit. I would personally add a nice bit toffee. Or what about peanut brittle type situations? I grew up on that stuff. My grandpa always had a box lying around. My country papa...miss him I do. Yep peanut brittle. And a toothpick..

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