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Sep 11, 2014

New York City Travels and Photography

This year for my birthday, my husband proposed a beautiful trip to New York City with our wonderful friends Daniella and John. It seriously was the greatest time I've ever had. I am head over heels in LOVE with New York City. We had a beautiful apartment in Brooklyn for about five days, parked the car, walked and used the subways for the entire duration of the vacation. 

Daniella (aka Ella G. who has written a few awesome posts for the blog) wrote out our itinerary for our main three days of city exploration. This was my first time in New York City so I was excited we had so much scheduled. We really tried squeezing out as much as we could possibly do. A few of the things on the list we ended up replacing with other plans which worked out well in the end. This sheet of paper truly went through a lot, but yet it still survived!

We spent our first evening unwinding from travel, and exploring a tiny bit of the local area. Stocked up our fridge and ate at a local soul food take out.

One of the biggest things that truly won me over about NYC is the mind blowing interconnectivity of the trains running through all the cities. It is and probably will be one of the greatest experiences in my life. I love the subways. 

Now, that I'm back home, driving headachingly through endless summer suburb construction, I frequently think back to the straightforwardness of the subway lines. I love the energy of people getting on and off. So quick! People move quickly and I love quick moving people. What I don't like are swarms of stagnantly placed people taking up space with no room to move and no where to go.



Best Friend...Dani

Best Friend's Hubby....John

Somehow I got three separate shots all in the same angle for everyone. Don't know how that came to be. But it worked out!

After we took a whole day to just chill out at our place in Brooklyn, we got up the next morning and made our way to Manhattan. 

After we had lunch in Times Square, it started to rain like crazy. So we dipped and darted our way back to the subway getting soaked in the process. Luckily a street vendor was selling umbrellas so we grabbed a couple and continued home. Our place was so nice that it was just as awesome spending time indoors, off our aching feet.


The next day started off at the West Indian Parade, which took place a few blocks from our apartment. It was so live and energetic. So many different groups of people representing many different countries. Daniella is Trinidadian so we were able to have an inside perspective on all of the events taking place.

We bought a Trini flag, and I was an honorary Trinidadian for the day. :) In addition to explaining a lot of the culture and which flag is which country, Daniella stayed on top of all of our plans making sure the next location was locked into the gps. We never got lost, and always found our destination in a timely fashion. Thank you Dani for being the world's greatest navigator!

This parade stretched a long distance down the street so I know these folks had to be exhausted after a certain point. Even so, they kept on pushing through, keeping up the energy and dancing to the music in a large array of colorful costumes and many variations of wearing their flags. 

We got some footage of a gathering a little further down the street. Pretty much people dancing and having a good time. The rest of that day was spent in Downtown Brooklyn where we explored and found a place to get some drinks and dinner.  I didn't take pictures every place we went, but I really liked Downtown Brooklyn. The whole atmosphere and energy of the city clicked with me. It was like a match for my entire being. It felt like home to me. Instant home.

We had a great evening following our return home. Every day felt like two or three days in one. We would usually have a full morning of hanging out together at home (truly home for the time being), then out on the city streets until exhaustion, and then back home for some more hanging out together and unwinding. We brought the game with us, so it was a lot of Call of Duty going on. So happy we brought the game...


We hit the ferry the next day. Had to go check out the Statue of Liberty. It was Byron's first time being on a boat. Not a bad first time. I got some really nice pictures, but my lens has very limited telephoto capabilities so my Liberty pics weren't as crisp and close as I would've wanted. I'm sure next time I will have an upgrade and I'll re-shoot Lady Liberty.

This shot of the water and the sun is one of my favorites. :) I think it's awesomeness.


We decided to go to the Financial District after we rode the ferry back to the main lands. I must say, this was one of the most beautiful places I had seen since being in the city. The architecture my eyes feasted on was so beautiful. It was something about how the sun snuck through the buildings, creating such a one of a kind atmosphere. It was calming, as Jay (John) put it. I'm so happy he added this stop to our list. He wanted to see the 9/11 memorial site. Very good decision. Thanks Jay! Seriously thank you man.

So this picture was taken at Tiffany's. The doorman started helping Byron navigate to the nearest restroom he could use (Tiffany's of course wasn't going to be an option). Jay and I were busy furiously snapping pictures and I got a pic of the doorman in action. He was cool. 

At the memorial site. That waterfall is fricking huge. We all took a moment to really try and digest what happened here. I think the human brain tends to naturally distance itself from traumatic events, especially ones that are really painful. So it takes knocking down a few layers of protection to really begin to feel the realness of certain events. 

I often peel off my protective films to empathize with others, as I have been through some serious things in my existence as well. It helps put my struggle in perspective when I look down at these names. I say to myself, "Wow, this is truly painful, something I cannot even imagine. What if one of these names was someone I loved dearly?" These people deserve remembrance. I know I would want it for my loved ones. 

Only surviving tree. Nursed to health and flourishing. A true representation of the tenacity of our country.

Byron's hair and the awesomely painted fire department.

I decided to switch over to shooting in black and white. I need to do this much more often. Makes me feel like I'm shooting Woody Allen's Manhattan (which I watched the day before we left for New York.)

Such an awesome couple. ♥ 

I met Ace Ray at the phone charging station. I enjoyed his style and presence for the small moment it existed. When I am around other artists, it makes me want to shed more inhibitions and free myself even more into the creative world. There is nothing greater than truly being yourself. And knowing that you are an individually unique combination of everything that surrounds you. 


After phones were charged and ready to go, we hopped on the train and took a semi-long ride down to the last stop...Coney Island. I'm actually very glad it was night when arrived because it was the perfect atmosphere. The perfect end to our adventures in NYC. My most favorite place to be. 

All I kept thinking about was Bob's Burgers....Wonder Wharf!

That's my shadow on the ground. I think it's cool.

Night time on the beach. A great time. Such a wonderful experience. Even though I know I will spend much more time in the city in my future, nothing will ever be exactly like this time. 'Twas indeed the best birthday I have ever had.

I thank my peoples for making this happen. Especially my dad and aunt who gave me extra money that I needed very very much for this vacation. Wouldn't have been the same without their contribution. Thank you dad and Sheila!

Also I must really thank Jay for driving that incredible distance, transporting us all there and back safely. And once again Daniella for navigating the duration of the trip. And to my love for making my NYC travel dreams a reality.

We all have very big plans for life, all in action as I write this. I hope we are able to spend many more vacations together all over the world. Trinidad is next. Los Angeles after that? We shall see....

Loving New York,


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