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Aug 27, 2014

Spinach and Chicken Flatbread Pizza
By Ella G.

My husband and I have recently started a new healthy lifestyle journey. As I began this journey I wanted to incorporate some fun and healthy dinners that would still allow some flexibility and variety. We love pizza and always will! So, I created my version of Chicken & Spinach Flatbread Pizza that was a definite WIN in my household and wanted to share it with all of you. It is a great substitution for the typical Pizza Hut Meat Lovers Pizza that has a thousand calories in one slice that we used to get. This quick and easy meal will surely be a great addition to your weekly menu that the entire family will love!

Here’s what you will need...

Servings For Two

Flatbread White or Wheat (2)
Chicken Breast cut into thin strips (1)
Chopped Onion (½)
Olive Oil (1 tbl. sp.)
Salt (1 pinch)
Black Pepper (1 tsp.)
Chicken Rub (or your favorite chicken seasoning)
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese (1 cup)
Prego Artisan Three Cheese Sauce (¼ cup)
Drained/Squeezed Leaf Spinach (½ cup) *You can use fresh spinach and boil or canned

Step One

(Turn your oven on the broil setting on High) Heat olive oil in a pan on medium heat on the stove top then add the strips of chicken and onions. Add your salt pepper and chicken rub (or favorite chicken seasoning) until the chicken is fully cooked stirring occasionally. When chicken and onions are cooked place in a bowl and set to the side. 

Step Two 

Take your flatbread pizzas and brush a small drop of olive oil and spread evenly. Place the flatbread in the oven on broil for about 3 minutes watching closely until you get the desired brown color for your pizza. This step is optional but I like a little crisp to my pizza.

Step Three

Spread your Prego Artisan Three Cheese Sauce evenly on the flatbread. 

Step Four

Add your cooked strips of chicken and onions to the flatbread as well as your drained/squeezed leaf spinach as shown above. It’s coming together now…

Step Five

Add your mozzarella cheese as your final touch and place the flatbread back in the oven on broil until your cheese has completely melted. This will take approximately four to five minutes on high…but just keep an eye on it as not all ovens are created equal…

You now have a delicious and healthy Chicken & Spinach Flatbread Pizza! Enjoy! 

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