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Art Lifestyle Blog
Art Loves Company is a blog I created to visually and verbosely share some of the various categories that I enjoy. This blog is equally about art in addition to things created in other categories. So I have come to the conclusion that my blog is indeed a lifestyle blog. An Art Lifestyle Blog. 

Snapshots of Things I Love

Art Loves Company is a brand. My own personal brand. I believe everyone has a brand, a collection of various characteristics that make up who you are as an individual. This unique combination is what sets you apart from those around you. 

    The Categories

Hair: This category will share deep treatment recipes for natural hair, all homemade, using mostly ingredients to be found on grocery lists. Pictures of natural hair styles, my own and those I have discovered. Styling instructions and routines.

Art: I will usually post art I discover and do a quick spotlight or profile on the artist and his or her work. 
Share some of my drawings, paintings, photography, or graphic designs. Those are all included in this category as well. 

Style: Here I will post fashion inspirations, photography, what I wore, mixing and pairing, styling and how many ways to wear one thing. Pretty much anything I like pertaining to style. 

Beauty: I will feature DIY concoctions and recipes that aid as beauty remedies. Products or brands I enjoy. Also, I will share tutorial videos I find or anything else I want to collect and share for inspiration in this category.

Music&Film: Musical projects of my own, playlists I am listening to, spotlights and reviews, films in my FilmLoves collection. Anything pertaining to music and film that is of interest to me.

FoodRecipes and inspiration. 

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