Me and My Selves: August. Lola. Charlie. Margot.

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An Assortment of Words
 to Describe Me

Art Lifestyle Blogger
Music Composer/ Producer
Visual Merchandiser 
Classically Trained Violinist [15 years]
Former Ballet Dancer [10 years]
Visual Artist [ink, graphite, acrylic]

Twenty-Five Years Old
Film Enthusiast/ Future Director
Verbose, lover of words, their definitions and synonyms. 
Precisionist, (a word I created as a derivative of precision to replace Perfectionist- a word now soiled. I will create derivatives of words if I find it necessary for expression
 A scattered mind, defined
Natural Haired Gal
Grounded by meticulous logic
Uplifted by deeply rooted faith

So I wrote this for now, I plan on returning back to this page very soon to finish, as I have much more to add. This will do for now, because I have so much stuff to do on this blog that I need to make sure I at least get the basics covered on every level, then I can come back and add more. So come back! If you want to....It will be updated.

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