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Aug 24, 2014

Some of My Favorite Choreography: Aaliyah More Than A Woman

Can't speak too much on this one. Too hard for me knowing there was a time watching this video and learning the choreography and she was alive doing it too. She was such a role model for me even outside of her music because I felt as if I could identify with her when I was a younger gal. Seeing someone who wasn't built like most of the other women on tv (in the hip hop culture), let me know that black people consider lean and thin beautiful too.

Hey it's hard growing up in black culture at times (as it is true for every culture). The crazy part is it's the girls who hold the standards for how girls should appear if they want to be accepted into society. I've come to realize that most guys don't care to grave detail. There are some (and I know I'm kind of going off tangently) guys who are more particular than others, but overall, the girls hold the standards. But back to what I was saying...

To see such an elegant tomboy blew my mind as that is how I feel myself to be. I truly loved her so much and still do. I feel like she has to be the one singer that everyone truly feels like that took a loss on, like in their own personal lives. True mourning for real. Not the celebrity mourning where it's kinda faded after a day or so. You think back on it later like "dang, I can't believe he died..." But with Aaliyah it's different. It's much different. I can't explain it, but it's not the same with her. It's real. She was before her time. Usually those are the ones who go out that way as well. Let's hope that's not the case all the time.

I really loved the camera angles in this video. Camera angles can really elevate your shot to another league if done correctly in relation to the nature of what is being filmed. That is why I adore Spike Lee. Such a great master of those angles. Spike Lee is one of my favorite filmmakers. Truly gifted. The world is filled with such brilliant creators.

Looks like I ended up speaking a lot on this, despite my prior disclaimer.


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