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Oct 7, 2014

Get It Together Burger King: Nasty Coffee

So on separate occasions, in different cities, I made the unfortunate decision to pull into Burger King to grab a coffee. Over the past month or so, I have discovered the great wonders of coffee and I have been utilizing it's powers ever since. Usually, I pop over to McDonalds to get a brew going, because it is the nearest thing to my home. But this time, I was already at Burger King.

I said: May I have a small coffee with one creamer and 6 sugars (yes it takes that much because there really isn't that much sugar in those packets and if you get just one or two, you might as well not ask for any, it'll save you your breath).

I got: One small coffee with no creamer and no sugar. I was on the way to see my good friend and mentor. Already a bit tardy, I still decided to pop over to Burger King to get a cup of coffee to liven myself up a bit. I didn't have time to really check it. Hastily, I decided to trust that I would get just what I asked for. As a result, I got to my meeting, took a whiff of it, and instantly, I knew two things 
  1. The odor was wildly pungent.
  2. It was absent sugar and creamer.
I added some sugar myself, but I didn't have any cream, which is fine because I need cream as much as I don't need cream. Doesn't really matter. If the coffee itself is of superior flavor, then no cream.  

After my doctoring, I tasted it. It tasted like: Melted black licorice swirled into water and then finally mixed in as one.  I couldn't believe it. It looked as black as tar but it wasn't as thick as tar of course. It was beyond BELIEF. How could something taste so far from what it is supposed to taste like, and be sold. Disgrace.

The original encounter with BK was when I asked for: A small coffee with no creamer and a decent amount of sugar so I could taste some sweet. 6 sugars.

I got: a small with 3 creamers instead. This is how it looked....

Bits and chunks of what I would presume to be powdered creamer unable to dissolve. No this will not do at all. I gave it back to the woman because this time I actually had time to take off the top. This gave me the opportunity to inspect it before driving off into the land of regret and disappointment. I got the woman's attention and told her this wouldn't do. She asked if I wanted a replacement, and I asked for my money back. It was a bit of a struggle to get back my money, but I eventually did. Unacceptable. 

The Moral
Don't drive off with out popping that lid, looking to see if it has cream or not, and smelling it. The bigger moral is that I need to buy a coffee pot and a couple more coffee mugs. There are so many different exotic beans I need to try.  


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