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Aug 15, 2014

Step by Step Tension Method Twist Out for Natural Hair

I wanted to experiment with using a little bit of the blow dryer tension method to aid in the styling process of my hair. My styling process went as follows:

1. Washed my hair with sulfate-free shampoo.
2. Added a quick layer of conditioner, to detangle and smooth strands. Rinsed out completely.
3. Did my protein treatment for a few hours with a shower cap.
4. Rinsed it all out.
5. Saturated my strands with a conditioner plus olive oil mixture then put on shower cap.
6. Rinsed that out after about an hour or so.
7. Added Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream as a heat protectant/ leave-in.
8. Twisted hair into 8 sections.
9. Let dry overnight close to 80% of the way. 
10. Lightly sprinkled a little water in palm of hand plus a few drops of olive oil to moisten untwisted       section very lightly from root to end.
11. Separate one section into two.
12. Pulled that section gently but firm so that it is straight, while shielding the ends with hand.
13. Blow dried the exposed length of that section on medium heat briefly until it is stretched.
14. Loosely twist back into eight sections (if my head were a grid, it would be two columns and four rows, with my hair parted down the middle.)

I enjoyed this method as it gently stretched my hair a bit more than usual directly following a wash. All my strands were detangled, and my hair was coated with a layer of strength from the protein treatment. My hair did not feel dried out like past attempts using the blow dryer. I did not allow the heat from the dryer to hit my ends, they remained protected. 

I unfortunately do not own a diffuser yet, so I am extra careful with the amount of heat I add with the blow dryer. Never using it on high, I don't find that to be necessary for my hair. This is a great option if you want to try out some styles on your hair and need it as smooth as possible. I could easily do this twice a month if I desired. 


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