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Aug 14, 2014

Art Loves: Gabriel Picolo's Ink Sketches

I came across an artist by the name of Gabriel Picolo during a session of exploration on Doodlers Anonymous. Gabriel does insanely outstanding work in his sketchbooks, and he has a pretty large following that adores his work as well. There is a vast amount of skilled detail throughout each piece he has created. His Instagram is packed full of sketches ranging from Miyazaki compilations to Maleficent. Of the ones I have shared, I think my favorite is the first piece. Seriously loving all the details included in this bearded hipster's hat. Truly a fantastical approach to reality, which is my preferred route of creation. 

I've included a few from Doodler's Anonymous, but they didn't have much of his work displayed. His true treasure can be found on his IG, which I am going to follow right now. He is a great inspiration to me as I love working in inks as well. I really am going to get more sketching done over the next few weeks.

Spending so much time on Doodlers Anonymous these last couple days has really kicked me back into drawing gear. I'm just not sure if I can afford to be, as my other artist personalities fight for attention. I was supposed to be in music composition mode once I shifted out of writing mode but I truly have very little control over which one takes the lead. But I do have control over the influence I absorb that tends to awaken the individual creators that reside within myself.

I've attempted naming them, just for the sake of organization, but I don't know, it gets too hard to keep up with. So I let the artist personalities name themselves. Perhaps I'll get into that another time. Back to the point...Gabriel Picolo is fricking amazing. Thank you for sharing your mind with the world! You are an inspiration.


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