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Jul 21, 2014

The Silk Love Treatment for Shiny Strong Hair

What You'll Need

Baking Soda 2 Tablespoons
Mayo 1/2 Cup
Olive Oil 1 Tablespoon
Molasses 2 Tablespoons
Egg 1
Apple Cider Vinegar (Reserve this for later)

How It Works

The baking soda opens up your hair follicles to allow the rest of the mixture to penetrate deeply into the hair strand. This allows my hair to experience maximum absorbency of the nutrients I add to it. A lot of the times when I do a deep conditioning treatment, it feels like the stuff is just sitting on my head and when I rinse it out, I feel no change. I usually tell myself that it must take consistent usage to see any results. The difference with this treatment I created is that I see results as soon as i am finished.

The egg and mayo are the sources of protein, filling any holes in the strand making it solid and strong.

The molasses will add shine, softness, stimulate growth and thicken hair follicles for stronger, less damage prone hair.

Olive oil naturally conditions the hair and serves as an amazing moisturizing element. Olive oil also promotes scalp health as it is an anti-inflammatory. A healthy scalp is the grounds for healthy hair growth.

The apple cider vinegar is used to close the follicles back after the treatment is complete. It's better to say that the treatment isn't complete until you add the acv because it is a huge part of the results that I'm trying to accomplish with my hair. Apple cider vinegar will balance out the porosity of the hair, smoothing out the hair strand which results in reduced frizz, silkiness and shine.

What You'll Do

Blend everything together (not including the apple cider vinegar). It's best to add this mixture to a bottle for application. I used an empty Aloe Vera gel bottle and a funnel to aid in pouring. 

Add mixture to dry hair in section. 

Put on a shower cap and leave in for about an hour or two. I only had about an hour to work with or else I would've kept it in for a little while longer. Since there is baking soda and protein involved in this treatment, I wouldn't overdo the amount of time it sits in your hair. You do not want to end up with stringy, hard hair because of a protein overload. The baking soda already is aiding in pulling in more nutrients so it's okay to keep it down to an hour or two. 

As your hair is absorbing all of the protein and nutrients, you can go ahead and prepare the acv rinse. I use an empty plastic water bottle and fill it up at least a third full with acv. Then I fill the rest with water. To make sure my hair is completely rinsed and sealed, I will sometimes have to make another bottle.

Once all of the mixture is rinsed out, I take some conditioner (Tresemme Naturals) and apply some generously to my hair, which is sectioned off somewhere between 4-8 sections.

Detangle each section. Once conditioned and detangled, rinse again with cool water. Cool water is a must in my hair routines because it cuts back on a good deal of frizz. The last time I did a treatment to reduce frizz, I ruined the whole project by rinsing it out with hot water. Never again will I make that mistake. Cool water I say!!!

Pour the diluted acv rinse all over your hair, drenching every section thoroughly (the reason why I need to make a second diluted bottle most times. This is such a huge step in the process. Without this step, I feel like this whole situation would be pointless because you need to close your follicles back and agents like acv have the power to do this. 

I do not rinse out the apple cider vinegar from my hair, I just wring it out as much as I can without disturbing my hair too much. 

After I rinsed everything out of my hair.


The baking soda/acv combo leaves my scalp completely clean and fresh. My hair is shiny with very little to no frizz. I can see that my hair strands are smooth and sealed which makes my hair reflect the shine of oil better. (Have you had those days where it doesn't matter how much oil you put in your hair, it still looks dull?) Well this is an amazing remedy for that. The porosity of my hair is in a beautifully normal state. 


I move on to styling my hair with the LOC method. I've made a spray bottle with mostly water, some conditioner and a little more apple cider vinegar to keep things balanced out the way I need them to be. 

I spray a little over the section I start to style, followed by some Jamaican Black Castor oil or melted shea butter. I then put in some cream styler on top of the oil. I used Cantu Leave In. 

My styling process consisted of flat twists, as I deemed it to be the best styling method to ensure even curl distribution from the root to the ends of my hair. When using the LOC method, it is important to make sure you have proper drying time to allow the cream to set in your hair. I take down my twists once dry and create looser, bigger braids to help stretch and create more of the chunky braid out that I prefer to wear. 

After I took down the flat twists. 
Once the styling process is complete, my hair is amazing. It's shinier, smoother, silkier, stronger (much stronger, like noticeably stronger, like hair follicles are think and sturdy) and softer. This was a homerun for me! Pure happiness. I'll be doing this once a month. 


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