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Jul 19, 2014

Trey Songz Trigga Album Review

When I first played Trigga, I got through the first few songs not really knowing what to expect. I already had been estranged from Trey Songz for a while. I was initially kind of turned off from the first portion of the album because I thought it was just going to be an overly explicit mess of cheating and lies. But one night I gave it a thorough listen and was able to find the vibe Trey aimed to create with his 6th studio album.

My Top 3 Songs

1. Foreign

I love good melodic intros that lead into strong beats. It always builds up the energy perfectly. Foreign is a track I like more every time I hear it. I appreciate the notes Trey Songz chose to hit during certain phrases. When composing melodies, I feel it is important to throw in some notes that are interesting and kind of stick out of the ordinary vocal progressions. It gives your track a competitive advantage. 

I feel like this song has the strongest hook in the album. I have fun singing along with it. That's something I look for in a song when applicable. If I can have fun with it, I am more likely to repeatedly play it. The energy is translated well from beginning to end and I'm always left kind of hype afterwards like Yea...that was a good song yo. 

2. Mr. Steal Your Girl

A beautifully composed melodic intro starts off Mr. Steal Your Girl, something I look for and appreciate. As I said before, you can't go wrong with a nice intro that sets the stage and builds the energy. I'm going to just skip right to the meat and discuss this golden performance of beautiful falsetto. It captivates me every time I listen.

When I compared SmartPhones to this track, I had to really decide which one I would deem superior in the higher octaves. It's truly a hard decision. I feel like my choice has been tarnished because SmartPhones has been "radio-fied". I did enjoy SmartPhones very much, it had wonderful parts, but for the most part, the rest of the song just kind of rocked on past to the end. I wasn't left with a resonating overall feeling afterwards like I do with Mr. Steal Your Girl. Perhaps it's because the beat is much stronger.

3. What's Best For You

This song made my top 3 because it's the one track on the album I felt embodied the true love song, r&b feel that I wanted to experience. This whole Trigga album honestly is an explicit collection of beautifully sung ugly truth, in relation to affairs and wealth. But when I came across What's Best For You, I was kind of thrown off a bit as it wasn't explicit or ugly. So I can definitely say the subject matter was a factor in addition to strong and moving bass line progressions and passionate supporting orchestral accompaniment. 

Of course, Trey Songz opening his heart and showing a side of selflessness through his words and his vocal execution doesn't hurt any. This track does include some higher octave range peaks which is always a treat. I have always enjoyed his tight-waved vocal vibrato. It's always given him a competitive advantage by having a different timbre of sound than his competition. 

Honorable Mentions

1. Late Night

Late Night, featuring Juicy J, is one of my favorite beats on this album. It just goes so hard it needs to be recognized. I think it's the combination of that amazing semi-eerie piano melody, mixed with the heavy kicks/bass line, and that crisp snare/block sound perpetuating the swing feel. It even sounds as if there's some sort of organ chording out in the background. Of course Mike Will Made It...

2. Touchin, Lovin

Another strong beat, Touchin Lovin, made my honorable mention list because this song effectively moves me. I enjoy listening to it progress as it's just a good time. It is explicit though...and I have my own preferences towards how I like my r&b vs. hip hop. When it comes to Nicki Minaj's feature, I feel it is appropriate to have two version of the song out, like how he did with Foreign ft. Justin Bieber.

3. Dead Wrong

The beat is on point to me on this one. His vocal melodic composition is unique and fresh, which keeps my attention. I have no problem with Ty Dolla $ign featured in this track. He works very well with Trey and his verse was good. I do enjoy listening to this song without a doubt.

Album As A Whole

In general, this entire album is a success to me. I can play it from start to finish and nod my head with a job well done. There are always going to be a few tracks we all kind of breeze past once we get settled into our favorites, that's if we aren't in the mood to listen straight through. The tracks I would skip over in this album would not be skipped over because they are horrible tracks. This album was not a hit or miss in regards to each track. It was a consistent listening experience. So I find myself skipping over the weaker songs in comparison, so I can get to my favorites, and the ones that are just good in general.

I am aware I haven't yet mentioned anything about the Cake track, but I don't feel like there is much to say. It's a cool track. I see a lot of other reviews that have put this song on such a high pedestal, but I will beg to differ. It's cool, but it doesn't display any overly unique vocal qualities and nothing outstanding beat wise. Is it the subject matter that's driving all the reviewers crazy? Interesting...very interesting. Well back to what I was saying....Despite the explicit nature of some of the lyrics, and most of the subject matter that I cannot and will never want to relate to, Trey Songz: Trigga is winner. And I say this because of the vocal and musical performance and arrangement.

Musically yours, 

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