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Jul 18, 2014


After discovering #100happydays after an article I read, I knew instantly it was something I needed to partake in. This #100happydays is a challenge in which you take a picture of something that makes you happy every single day for 100 days. What this will do is help you enjoy the moment that you are in, as we all can get caught up waiting and working for a future moment. One thing that I have come to realize is that there are not just the people overly focused on the future, there are many overly focused on the events of their pasts. Either way, you aren't currently living in the moment you're in.

I am going to start this challenge today. It's as good as any other day. I hope to strengthen my muscles that search for the happiness around me. No matter what, I will know that to stick to this challenge, I must find something that day. Even if I'm not in the mood, I will find that mood. I will learn how to find happiness. I'm so excited because I am aware that I have made bad mental habits that I need to break. Consistency is the key to true change.

I know until I get in the rhythm of remembering to take my picture everyday, I'm going to need to set some sort of phone reminder, or make a note for myself on a wall. I think this is a beautiful exercise for any and everyone. Go to the site for more information on registering in on the challenge and find out the different ways to share your daily journey to happiness. I went to the site and registered with my Twitter as my primary platform to share my photos. You enter in your username for either Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumlr and you get all nice and set up.

According to 100happydays.com
People Successfully Completing The Challenge Claimed To:

Start noticing what makes them happy every day
Be in a better mood every day
Start receiving more compliments 
Realize how lucky they are to have the life they have
Become more optimistic
Fall in love during the challenge

One more thing, the founders of this movement said that once you complete this journey they would even put together a little book for you collecting all of your pictures. Truly amazing. I get happy just looking at the stream of #100happydays and seeing what made people happy. It truly makes me happy to see what brings joy to others. There may be hope after all...

My Day One

I'm going to start this book over again. Kimora is so much like me in the sense of vision, high energy, and perfectionism. Truly an inspiration for me. I feel like I'm off to a nice start. This has made me happy. I won't be posting everyday on my blog but I will be posting everyday on my Twitter account. I may throw a day in here or there as a blog post if I feel it is extra special.

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