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Jun 12, 2014

The Original Grill Photography

In the wonderful city of Cleveland, there are many local restaurants that are truly a delight to experience. The Original Grill on St. Clair Avenue proves this point by serving up impeccable food for indisputable prices. My husband Byron and I recently worked with The Original Grill on a design and development project for the restaurant's website. I went out and did a photo series capturing the location. I have the pictures here for you to see. I wanted to do something a little different than the usual take a pic of the front of the building and that's it. So I turned it into a photography series.

The grill's website will be up and running very soon and patrons will be able to easily check the menu from their phones, see hours, check daily specials and get all of the contact information. If you are in Cleveland, you should try this place out. Open till midnight, average prices are around 5 or 6 bucks, the staff is great, and it's like walking into your own family's restaurant. You can't really go wrong here. 

The point of my photography shoot was to offer up a artistic representation of the restaurants location and surroundings. I wanted to capture the atmosphere and essence of The Original Grill, while still delivering valuable information to people who want to know more about The Original Grill.

The Original Grill serves up classic grill & soul food. The menu includes Po Boys, Philly Cheese steaks, Wings, Collard Greens and Mac & Cheese just to name a few. The great things about The Original Grill is that serve breakfast too, which is pretty cool because you don't always find breakfast menu's everywhere. And breakfast is served all day long! You can swing by when you get off work for some grits, bacon, eggs, sausage, toast, home fries and even a fish breakfast if your tastes desired. 

The owner of the restaurant also owns this DJ service right next door. I have a passion for local businesses, especially in the communities where my family origins are rooted. I feel like we all need to support one another. Lift each other up in the pursuit of happiness, success and prosperity. We need to learn to do things for people without expectations. 

Do things for people just to see them benefit and thrive. When you take yourself out of the picture, you have better view of the bigger picture. You can align your moves, with those of others and everyone can rise to their dreams. We must unite, support, love, give and inspire.  

Beautiful greenery directly across the street from The Original Grill. I loved looking out the window to this. [Side note: We have torn down so much of nature to construct buildings in which we use to earn money so that one day we can retire and return to the beautiful nature that we torn down in the first place. When I think about retiring, I think of people moving to places with beautiful natural scenery. But our human desire to climb higher and higher is what we live for. Even if we strive to spend our last days back where we started. It's all about the journey. Passion, will and desire is the fuel that keeps us moving forward and backwards all at once.

If I see brick, I shoot it. No exceptions. Brick is so beautiful to me and symbolizes so much to me, but I won't get into that here. I'll save that for another time. I think I have already digressed enough for one post.

Right on the corner.

There's actually three TV's inside, some entertainment while your food is cooking, and if you decide to dine in.

If you have something to share with the world, don't hesitate, just do it. You never know who's watching. You never want to miss a window of opportunity. If you have doubts, seriously think to yourself, what's the worst that could happen. And if happen to come up with an answer to that question, then compare that to, what's the best that could happen, and then make your choice. If you don't advertise yourself and what you do in life, then who will?

Beautiful atmosphere inside. It's calm, shaded, but still beautifully lit by the sun. It felt like I place I didn't mind coming back to again and again, even just to pop in and say hi. It felt like family.

Being so inspired by this experience, I have decided to continue with this series, and do a shoot of some menu items, along with candid shots of the lovely people working there. I also plan on doing a larger series encompassing more local businesses in Cleveland. 

Sidenote: I wore this pajama outfit out to take the pictures for the grill. It's not the worst thing I've worn before
I want to do the same with them, an artistic showcase and informational on their business, accompanied by a website including responsive mobile and tablet designs. I just feel the need to make sure our community is straight, and any way I can help, using my particular set of skills, I will.  

The Original Grill is located on 17406 St. Clair Ave. Cleveland Ohio 44110
Give them a call at 216-383-7500

If you are business in the Greater Cleveland Area that wants to partner with us in any way, contact me.We are here to help and inspire in any way possible.  

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  1. this is one of my FAVORITE clevleland restaurant!! can't believe you go hear!