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Jun 10, 2014

Garden Sherelle: A Photography Series

My grandmother is a wonderfully creative woman, and it shows throughout her home and garden. I always enjoying claiming my place as a third generation artist, as the creative spirit continues to pass along from mother to daughter. I took pictures of her garden this time around, but I do plan on doing a series of her home and it's hand picked and painted decor. It's quite lovely indeed. 

In the picture above, I particularly like the bright red thorns that protrude from the rose bush that lines her home. 

My grandmother, Lulene, has a collection of frog statuettes that are placed throughout her garden randomly. One day I must try and count how many there are. 

So I have a standard lens on my Canon EOS T3, and it's truthfully not that great when it comes to any sort of range. With that being said, I truly do not know how I was able to get this shot. Normally, it wouldn't be possible. I am ready to upgrade to a better lens as soon as possible.

Her color scheme for the garden is quite beautiful. Purples with the natural greens create a refreshing contrast. 

I love the blue house behind the purple fence. There's so much color back here, resulting in a calming creative wonderland worth exploration.

I asked my grandma what the name of her garden was, and she replied "Sherelle". Let me quickly explain. My mother was the one who would take my grandmother out to buy plants for her garden. My mother's name was Sherae, pronounced sha-ray. My grandmother has always pronounced her name sha-relle, for some reason unknown to us all. It's just always been that way. Therefore, the garden is named after my mother. 

Hey there are the froggies again! Chillin...

The colors of Garden Sherelle are truly remarkable. Different flowers bloom during Spring and Summer. It's always growing and evolving. It is a pleasure to experience. My mother provided the plants, my grandmother created the garden, and I had the honor of capturing this moment in time forever. 

Long Live Sherae Rivers

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