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Jun 8, 2014

Men's Fashion Inspiration Vol. 1

Strangely enough, men's fashion is just a huge part of me. Perhaps it has something to do with my mother's awesomely androgonous but elegant style influence on me. Whatever it may be, I love men's fashion the most out of all. I will create spreads of styles that I find to be inspiring. I'm also trying to get some inspiration going for my husband, and anyone else who needs it.

One thing about me is that while I do enjoy certain fashion trends, I do not follow trends in real time. My creative choices will not be stifled by rules and regulations. No thank you. I'd actually prefer something to be out of season for me to don it. I just don't see it that way. 

The whole point of me saying all of this is that I will include anything I find inspiring in a spread. Now I probably wouldn't suggest sweaters in the heat of July (even here in Cleveland that might be a bit much), but I won't leave something out due to a fashion rule. I feel like artistic expression should have some room for purposeful error.

Behold the best piece of time expression I may have ever seen. I need a girl version of this. Or just this picture blown up and framed so I can just look at it. I guess I can just look at it on my blog for as long as I want. Yea, I'll just do that.

I'm kind of going through this men's watch thing where it's the first thing I notice. I am on the hunt to find a style that fits my husband, because if it were solely up to me, I don't think he would feel completely himself. 

I can't stop staring at these vibrant orange Sperry's. My eyes are so pleased.

Always a fan of buttoning up to the top button. My friends used to get on me about that, but I thought it was nice. As for him, it works very nicely. Everything works the way it should. Just curious to know what know what kind of shoes he has going on down there. 

I don't even know where to begin with this guy here. There may be no words. Maybe one. Amazing. I'm in love love love love with this look, especially those shades. My goodness those SHADES must've delicately floated down from heaven like a feather swaying in the wind. Please sir, where ever you are, bring me those glasses. I'll give you my Rubix cube for a trade...and I LOVE my Rubix cube so this is serious business here. 

Cuff links, something I can't even androgynously get away with wearing, but these are super cool. I fancy maps. I come from a line of road travelers, so maps were everything, before GPS got started. Oh how the world changes with such haste.

Street Etiquette These guys are serious business here. They are on their stuff. Follow their Instagram.

This shows us that you can really get creative in those pockets. Loving the flower twig and patterned fabric. 

This guy....

Laid back, simple, casual look. Looks like a guy who works with his hands, kind of rugged. Not bad. Can definitely be used as a starting point for a slightly more evolved laid back look. I'd probably start with the shoes, and then add one or two pieces of jewelry. A watch, or beaded bracelet or beaded chain. I'd switch out to a darker belt to help give it some contrast. And lastly, switch out the tee, for a mild graphic tee. Maybe something with one or two words on it. 

Has to be one of my favorite looks. I'm not even sure what to call this. But I wouldn't mind seeing a ton of these guys' clones walking around. Nope, that wouldn't bother me at all. But seriously, how could you not think this is amazing style? And the beards...beards are awesome. Everyone (not everyone) likes beards! I mean, at least to look at...Unless they condition them to make it soft. Do guys wash and condition beards once they become their own entity? I'm sure not.

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