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Jun 6, 2014

Fashion Blogs to Follow Vol. 1

My friend and fashion grad Ashley Miller gave me a few of her favorite fashion bloggers to check out. Among them was Style Pantry, Mimi G Style, and Shirley's Wardrobe. Let's start with Style Pantry.

Notes on Style Pantry

Yellow is beautiful with her complexion. I think everyone should be aware of those one or two colors that pop with your skin, hair or eyes.

I can see traces of African style with the bright colored full fabric skirts and bold geometric printed dress.

If I had to choose one of the four looks to wear today, it would be hard to choose. These are all such powerful yet simple statements. I guess I'd go for the tiger sweatshirt look. It's eclectic, and I like it. I could easily swap out those pieces for a different look.

                                                           Visit Style Pantry 

Notes on Mimi G Style
Mimi is a seamstress who does a lot of her own work. I think that is truly amazing. Sewing is one of the few things in the creative world that I am completely not a part of. I used to cut up a lot of clothes in high school, if that counts for anything....

I always enjoy clean, flowy blouses. They are so classic and elegant when worn appropriately. Mimi wears white very well. And I will not fail to mention the lovely collection of arm candy she frequents. That's a category I really want to spend some time in, watches, bracelets and rings. 

I think my favorite picture is of the nude pumps. I am in complete love with them. I want right now. Skin tone-like pump colors are very intriguing to me right now. Like a natural extension of the leg into utter elegance. 

 Shirley's Wardrobe

Notes on Shirley's Wardrobe

Shirley's Wardrobe definitely consists of many pieces I would wear. I see a lot of classic style elements, like her handbags for example. The handbag in the picture by itself is a winner in my book. It doesn't seem too big either.

I am not a big purse kinda gal. That would be my sister...and you have not seen a black hole until you see her bags. But I must say, she is never without anything, a travelin' girl. Love her to death I do.

This tan, black and white combination that she has going on has inspired me completely. That color palette is perfectly balanced. She know how to work simple pieces into amazingness. I will most definitely be following her fashion journeys.

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