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Jun 13, 2014

Photography: Fawn at Crossroads

I was on St. Clair Ave in Cleveland doing the shoot for The Original Grill when a deer came from around the corner. I figured it was going to attempt to cross the street, and I immediately wondered if it would be successful or not. Either way, I had my camera and was ready to capture the outcome. What photographer wouldn't. I didn't have time to adjust my camera, as it was pretty sudden, so the pictures aren't to my satisfaction, but you can't win every time...

The deer ended up stopping and staring at me for a moment as I took its picture. I saw some kids approaching on bikes as I was taking the picture. I'm sure they saw this situation unfold, probably interested to know why there is a deer on the sidewalk and a girl in pajama pants taking it's picture as if this had been planned from the beginning. 

It paused at the road, deciding on whether or not it should take a chance with incoming traffic. I think I must've distracted it, as the deer seemed to have lost its window. A couple vehicles were approaching on both sides. 

In the end it decided not to cross the road and it fled back to wherever it came from....The End. This was almost a pointless post. I haven't decided yet. But I had the pics so why not..Not everyday you share a sidewalk with a contemplative deer.  


  1. sweet pics!!! i'm glad it didnt get hit lol. deer on st. clair!!?

  2. Deer on St. Clair! I was seriously wondering how this would play out. I didn't want to have see it get hit, because that means there would've been a car crash. But I would've had pics for their insurance company at least!