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Jun 4, 2014

Crowned: A Portrait Series

Crowned is a portrait series created by Joanne Pief and photographed by Andre Wagner. When I finished watching this Crowned Series, I was silenced. There was nothing to be said, but more so felt. It truly is a spectacular feature of black men and their extraordinary hair. I was consumed by the raw beauty of men from African decent. But right now, I am beginning to feel my word flow reinstate. So let me describe this piece to you candidly. 

This piece is power. This piece is clarity. This piece is poetry. This piece is love. This piece is strength. This piece is discovery. This piece is beauty. This piece is victory. This piece is movement. This piece is still. This piece is organic. This piece is man. This piece is black. This piece is brown. This piece is Crowned.

You must watch this extraordinary portrait series. The music is as much of the piece as the visual content, therefore it is encouraged to absorb both hand in hand (I had to pause my Sam Sparro Pandora radio, I was in the mood for some Black&Gold). I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. My father had locks, and my husband has them now. I could only help but think of how they would've fit in a such a series. Enjoy.

Via Street Etiquette, CROWNED: A PORTRAIT SERIES ♥


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