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Jun 2, 2014

Cover Collection: Rolling Stone Rihanna

Sun to Shaded
This cover shot of Rihanna has always been one of my favorite shots of her. There is a lot of beautiful photography of Rihanna out there, but in my opinion, this one takes the cake. Those who at least minimally follow the hip hop/ pop world, know that Rihanna has transformed since her Music of the Sun days. It is quite evident that she would now seem to prefer her music a bit more shaded. But we do see periods of light sometimes within her music, and I think this is why I enjoy this cover so much as it shows the duality of her nature. I understand duality, as we all should.

I enjoy Rihanna's music, although I usually stick to my favorites that I tend to keep stitched into my rotation. She truly possesses the key to making very successful hits, whether or not her subject matter reaches for the nearest line to cross. When I look at musical artists, I try to find the radiating ball of artistic energy and presence within that person. I can always tell if it is there or not. This is what I would call the artist spirit. A deeply rooted desire to create, to express, to output. 

Desire to Create
My desire to create came from heavy influences, as my mother was an artist, and also through pain and the will to survive. There is a reserve of passion bubbling at the brim beneath the body of a true artist. I usually kindredly connect, even across far distances, with a true artist. And I must say it is always an absolute delight. I may not agree with their primary ideas, or even have anything else in common with them except for that similar perception/reflection of the world through thought and creation. As a side note, I am completely aware that I have ventured off into something far from the mention of Rihanna's name. 

Forever Over Worded

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