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Apr 28, 2014

Schoolboy Q Ink and Videos

I have been obsessed with Schoolboy Q recently. Favorite track so far is Break the Bank. I also am endorsing Sony as the PS3 truly is an amazing piece of technology. Love Duty, still on MW3 as I am boycotting Ghosts until we get our PS4. Somehow I kept getting crap pixel riddled versions. Anyhoo, Lemon Lime Rickey is a delightful non alcoholic treat made by Arizona. Thank you Arizona for such a bold move.

Quick Update: Cherry Lime Rickey is not as good. And my favorite songs are now There He Go and Light Years Ahead. A good majority of his music is great to me. There are the hits of course, Collard Greens and Man of the Year, but then there's To tha Beat and just so many...That's why I just have most of his music on rotation. 

I truly enjoy the animated elements of this video. It takes normal footage up a notch. It's been a pretty cool trend in music videos. No complaints. 

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