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Nov 5, 2014

CB2 Lamp Love: Rosie Table Lamp

Scrolling CB2 as usual, I came across this beautiful lamp, the Rosie Table Lamp. I think it would be so cute on any surface. Lighting is a huge deal for me. It is just as important as any decor detail and necessary for atmosphere control. Lighting is what makes the difference between an amazing photo and one that is completely dull and lifeless.

Light is everything, and what better way to incorporate light than in a uniquely stylish way. I have done so many variations in light placement and strength, but I haven't yet been able to venture into the design of the actual lighting fixture.

I wish I could just own a light fixture company and help design amazingly unique fixtures, and don't get me started on these bulbs! My goodness I love the creative mind, as well as the engineering mind. CB2 really has some gems. 


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