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Nov 6, 2014

35 Shots of Autumn

Fall is my favorite time of year. There is just something about the temperature range, the color palette of the sky as the sun continues its rounds, or should I say as the earth continues its revolutions. It's so interesting to ponder the idea that every single day, we look up and watch the sun move but it truly is stationary. It doesn't rise and it doesn't fall. The earth does all of that as a result of the sun's incredible power. Back to the point, I love Autumn because of the intense series of changes the trees go through. This year in particular, the season has sparked a lot of reflection and meditation on life, my life and the world around me. Very powerful stuff going on.

This is a shot of a piece of wood weaved within a fence that I came across.

My darling trees, they are so breathtakingly beautiful to me. I will never get used to them, as I will never get used to the sky. Always changing. I am so connected to the sights of the earth. It gives me great joy. I love seeing how some trees begin to change leaf colors before others. I love seeing how different trees change to different colors. Some trees go through a series of shades while others remain bright yellow the whole time. 

I've noticed that when the leaves begin to fall, they fall from the top first on certain types of trees, leaving them sort of balding directly under the point of the sun's highest and most powerful position. There are leaves that get eaten to bits while still attached to the stems. And then there are the pines...they don't change much at all. They have no leaves to fall. They remain. 

I stood under a huge bright yellow tree and found a bird's nest that seemed to be abandoned. I am looking straight up. 
There are many trees whose nests get exposed as a result of the falling leaves. I find this to be amazingly beautiful and astonishing to see these homes built and now in plain sight. They are everywhere! Also, the exposure of the branches are wonderful. Every tree has a different structure underneath its leaves. I'm head over heels in love.

I shot this photo a little earlier in the season at my father's house on the very top of his roof. Up with the treetops.

One of my favorite shots Through the Wire.

Sometimes you have to shoot at night with a flash to get bright and contrasty situations. 

Looking downwards in a sewer at the leaves. I couldn't get them in focus...but that's okay.

I loved looking for leaves that fell in strange places.

Another one of my favs. I liked holding the leaves to shoot them. This was by far the largest one.

Nature Coils

Skeletal Structures

A Sea of Yellow

The first Fall shot I took this season. Ironically last in line. Shot from out my bedroom window.


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