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Sep 21, 2014

Wunderlist: My Favorite To Do List App

I have to confess, that I am an avid To Do Lister. Why? Because without writing every task down that I need to get done, I won't get anything done. Strangely, it's those who have the most trouble doing things in life who are the ones who need to do extra steps in getting things accomplished.

I have downloaded many different applications on my iPhone for the purposes of task organization, and Wunderlist by far is the best app that I have come across so far. Now I will never give up my classic pen to paper methods, it's just that I go through so much paper that it gets a bit insane. I write so much that I will use up every piece of computer paper in the house, every notebook will be filled, every index card, post it note, etc...

Anyways, this app was a miracle for me. I love that my information transfers instantly from computer to phone. It is beautifully designed. You can invite other people to be a part of the list. You can add notes to the lists and reminders that go off on your phone. I love the sound it makes when you complete a task. I always feel so accomplished as it keeps me always moving forward.

I just recently discovered more information regarding the creation of public lists. It's a feature I think I would like to try out possibly in conjunction with my blog. When I am not creating to do lists for the purposes of productivity, I love making lists organizing thoughts, likes, dislikes, favorites and so on. Even in my every day life, I tend to group similar things together all around the house.

It puts my mind at ease and makes me happy. This is the same for pretty much anything. So I think I will publish a public list to share on my blog/social media. It will either be a list of movies, products, maybe even a comedic list of pet peeves. I really shouldn't be this excited...but I am. They talk about public lists here in this video...

Sometimes I find myself drifting off into random thoughts forgetting what I was doing and whenever that happens I just go to my Wunderlist app and figure out what I need to do. I have an ever evolving list for groceries, a general daily to do list, a future goals list, a blog to do, and I even have an aspects of my dream life list.

Anything I can think of is in list form and neatly organized amazingly on this app. I love it love it love it. You can email a list, print a list, change up your backgrounds. They offer a lot of little things you can do within the app and even more with the version that you can upgrade to. I love the user-friendliness of Wunderlist.  It just makes me genuinely happy thinking about it. It's like I know there is order to my chaos, and order gives me peace.

Go to your app store on your mobile device or check out the website here to sign up and start listing!


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