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Sep 22, 2014

Camo, Leopard and Pink Accessories

I am pleased with the outcome of my quick shopping trip a couple days ago. I originally set out to buy a long sweater but didn't find the one I wanted. On a different note, I have been craving putting together camouflage and leopard for fall all summer. I've seen them sparingly solo but not so much paired. I think they make a lovely combo, especially when you throw some pink in the mix. I would only wear camo if it were used as an accent to accessorize or an over sized jacket. 

Now I have a hot pink lip, but a lighter pink bag...I really don't care about the two different pinks. I think it makes it better. Once you get comfortable in your own style then you kind of just do whatever. I have my own signature style involving skullies and fabulous shades and lipstick. 
I love my style so much as everyone should love their own style. It makes me happy. Style should exists even when you don't have much money to invest into fashion. I can survive on any level, and that, to me, is the heart and soul of style. Give me ten dollars and I can make it work. 

I am going to mix more patterns and colors this fall in addition to my normal layering. This is why I anticipate the fall season so very much. Who doesn't love layering? I find layering is much more natural for me to do than creating looks for summer time. My summer style is quite sad really. Next year perhaps I will revive my hotter months with better attire, but for now, fall is all that I am concerned with. Once winter hits, I'll be a stored away in my apartment as much as possible. I will probably live in my bathtub. Yea...

The only lipstick I wear is Maybelline. I stick to the juicy reds and bold fuchsias and even dabbling in the deep purples sometimes. I'm sure I will use other brands of lipsticks in the future but for now, Maybelline is where it's at for me. I love lip color and plan to wear it with as much as I can. It's such an easy addition to any outfit, even skullies. This fall, you should definitely experiment with some pattern mixtures and lip color. It's fun, simple and makes a huge statement without much effort. Ahh fall has finally come. Happiness!

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