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Jul 12, 2014

Re-purposed Mini Pallet Wine Cellar
By Ella G

Pallets are more than just a warehouse tool for stacking and hoisting. The list is never ending for the possibilities with these planks of wood. This was my very first DIY project using pallets: the re-purposed mini pallet wine cellar. In just a few easy steps you can add this conversation piece to your living space.

Tools Needed
1 Pallet
Wire Cutters
4 Screw Eye Hooks (Home Depot 5pk $1.96)
16 Gauge Steel Wire (Home Depot $1.96)
6 Bottles of Wine (My Favorite: Moscato)
Sand Paper
Pry Bar

Step 1

Find one half size pallet (typically 3 across and 3 down). If you prefer to use the full length pallet that is fine as well. The pallet you use will have two sides, a front and a back, one of which we will be removing. I conveniently worked for Macy’s as a Visual Manager at the time that this project was completed, so I kindly asked the dock crew for this half broken pallet that was waiting to be disposed (obviously after checking with the loss prevention department for fear of getting tackled as I walked out the store holding a large piece of wood that is not so easy to disguise). 

Step 2

Now this step will take some muscles. The pallet will most likely be held together using a deck screw or some kind of heavy duty screw that will take some force to get apart. Using the hammer and the pry bar focus on releasing only ONE side of the pallet of the 3 columns of wood one at a time. When you are done you will have one side open as shown in the picture where we will be placing the wine bottles.

Step 3

Sand down the entire pallet using the sand paper. Be careful of splinters J

Step 4

This step is optional. After sanding down the pallet you now have the option to paint the pallet based on your preference. I chose to not paint mine as I am partial to the distressed look of the pallet. This is where you get to be creative!

Step 5

As shown in the picture you will have 2 rows for your wine bottles. We need to take 2 of the screw eye hooks and screw them into the top row (one on the far left edge about ¾’s of the way down and on the right at the same height as the one on the left). Repeat this on the bottom row.

Step 6

Take 1 of your wine bottles for measurement, your steel wire, and your wire cutters. Place the bottle on the top row shelf. Wrap the wire around the left screw eye hook and bring in front of the bottle to the right screw eye hook to secure the bottle (but not too tight because you still have 2 more bottles to fit in there, but just enough to keep them secure). Use the wire cutters to cut off the excess. Repeat this for the bottom row as well. 

Now you have a beautiful re-purposed mini pallet wine cellar! Mount on the wall however best for your wall textures to securely keep it in place (I used drywall screws), and place your tasty wine bottles (6) on the shelves and wrap the wire in front of them to ensure that they stay secure. Enjoy!

~Ella G~

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