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Jul 5, 2014

#LikeAGirl: Empowerment Campaign Response

This is a new campaign ad in which a documentary filmmaker asks a group of participants, while being recorded, to act out what it means to "run like a girl" or "fight like a girl". This group of participants where mixed in age, gender and race, excluding young girls themselves. Every last one of the people shown did a stereotypical display of what a girl would look like doing these things: they acted weak, frail, puny, and ditsy.

The filmmaker then asked a group of young girls to do the same thing. The difference between the two groups was that the young girls actually ran and performed with vigor, strength, energy and excitement. There was nothing puny about it. They weren't acting, they were just being themselves.

They then went into a series of questions truly trying to dig deep to the source of this incorrect view we have of the young girls in our culture, and how it lowers their self-esteem. This piece truly touched my heart. It was powerful and very moving. This campaign was fresh and filmed amazingly.

To the people who created this campaign, thank you so much for pushing through the false norms of our society, provoking thought and shining light on this issue. That phrase "like a girl" has always upset me deep inside, and I'm currently 25 years old. This idea of "like a girl" becoming an actual insult has been so widely accepted in our culture though TV shows and movies.

It didn't seem like anything could be done. It's as if no one was taking it seriously enough for it to be a real problem, but no one really knew the subconscious effects that has on a very important group of our society.

Usually most things that relate to women are turned into something negative. I completely support this movement, as it illuminates inherited ignorance. This documentary means a lot to me, especially because I am very athletic myself. I don't look like a man when I am active, but I also don't look like what our culture has defined as "like a girl".

It's time for change. It's time to save the important parts of women while we are in our most crucial part of development. I officially support this campaign and will contribute to its growth. If you want to find out more information on this movement, visit Always Like A Girl Movement.

My heart goes out to all the young girls out there. I love you all with all my heart. You will find many barriers that will try and slow you down in life, and if you can overcome this, you can do anything. We must stay strong, stay kind, empowered, giving, and uplift one another Always.


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