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Jul 4, 2014

10 DIY Jewelry Holder Ideas

Over the past couple months, I've accumulated what seems to be the beginning of a pretty nice necklace collection. As of now, I shamefully have them hanging on various doorknobs around my apartment. Every time I open a door, I am met with the clanks and smacks of my jewelry bouncing off of the door. It's time for a change. 

I've been searching around for some inspiration for a DIY jewelry holder project. More specifically, an organized, artistic display of my necklace collection. I'm not sure what I want to do just yet as I am still working on the decor scheme for my bedroom. I know I want my room to be all white, but I haven't yet worked out the theme and accents yet. 

I can't make it wonderland-y as my husband has to sleep there too, but I want it to be like I'm sitting up in the clouds during the day, and looking up at the stars at night. But back to the jewelry holder (I will go on about my bedroom decor planning at another time). 

I have comprised a collection of 10 jewelry holders that I might be able to pull some inspiration from. If you happened to be in need of some aesthetic jewelry organization, these pictures might serve some purpose to you. Some of these holders can be purchased, so if you don't want a project, then that might be the option for you. All I need is a small drop of inspiration and then I can go off into my own world. 

Belle Dangles
I could easily see this being a part of my white bedroom design. Love the shelf aspect. I would enjoy the option to set other things above my necklaces such as my go to perfume (Chanel of course!) or my go to shades, or wedding ring. This concept is a definite contender.

I am loving the dark wood over the white wall. I forgot I decided that I wanted a dark wood accent. All of the furniture in my apartment is antique wood that I inherited from my mother, who was an antique collector to a degree. I love the vintage feel of this drawer-turned-display case. My only trouble is that it's limited in size so if I do go this route, I would need to consider options to expand the total area. 

Lemonade Makin Mama
That arrow truly caught my attention. Opened up the possibility of stand alone shapes as the base for the jewelry holder. Arrows are definitely a popular design addition nowadays. I also adore the gold metallic color. 

Julie Ann Art
This design is so simple and beautiful. I love the string and the wood. I think it's perfect. I wonder if this would be enough for what I am trying to do. I need more space because my pieces vary in size and some necklaces don't hang straight down like these do. If I went this route, I would need to make some structural modifications to fit my organizational needs. 

Adorkable Duo 
I think I want this entire situation. I have so many products and things that need to be organized and displayed, and this photo seems to bring everything together. I could definitely see this layout in my room. I don't usually like to see that many necklaces all clumped together. It's better for me if I have a decent view of everything I own.

Unrelated to the jewelry, I love the silver tray that holds all of her perfumes. Reminds me of my grandmother's glamorous bedroom dresser. My grandfather surely spoiled her rotten with beautiful things. I remember playing in her powders after my bath at night. I miss them both. Ah childhood... 

Thrifty Decor Chick

This idea utilizes cabinet door knobs, which were a potential addition to my jewelry holder design. During my employment at Anthropologie, I'd have to organize all the cabinet door knobs and I remember coming across such beautiful pieces. If I go this route, I know where I will be obtaining my knobs. 

The Elli Blog

I had to stop and ask myself if I chose this picture for the jewelry organization inspiration, or for the beautiful antique mannequin included in the frame. You just don't know how refreshing it is for me to see a beautiful vintage mannequin in great condition when I usually work with broken down, plastic, death trap mannequins when I'm at work. I want one!!!! Someone please get me one. 

Oh and yea, the frame is gorgeous. Love the design. I love this all.

Someday I'll Learn
Strangely I couldn't figure out who the original creator of this DIY project was. But if you want to see more pictures at different angles, then the blog Someday I'll Learn has the rest of the information regarding this project. This is another example of the jewelry holder-shelf hybrid design that I really like. 

The idea of multi-purposing one piece catches my attention every time. Another thing that stands out to me is the pastel color. I've been into pastels of the pink, purple and mint varieties lately. I'm usually into dark and bold color schemes. Perhaps I'm phasing into a brighter existence.   

This particular method of jewelry storage is my least favorite out of the bunch. I still included in the line up because I figured I might just be crazy and this might actually be cool. Someone might use this as inspiration. I don't know, maybe because it just looks like a hanger on the wall with jewelry dangling from it. But I do like the hooks screwed into it. That idea can work for me in some way. But...I'm not sure how easily I could just throw my jewelry up on that type of hook so I don't know..We shall see!

I plan on making my jewelry holder my very next project so I will be sure to get that up here soon so you can see what I ended up doing. It's always nice to get a splash of inspiration. The more creative you are, the less you need, but everyone will always be influenced by something else. So don't go crazy with the idea of "I must be 100% original or else the world will fall to shambles". 

Realistically, it's just not going to happen. We all are a part of a collective consciousness. Like the air we breathe, things will flow in and out of us all. Just make sure you put your signature touch on it. We all have different memories, influences and experiences. So pull from within to expand on what is around you.

Inspirationally yours, 

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