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Jun 18, 2014

Trip to Coventry: Incense and The New Jim Crow

I had to take a quick trip down to Coventry, in University Heights, to get some incense from Record Revolution. I am very particular about where I acquire my incense from as they all are so different. There are some I just can't stand so I stick to the few places I know that sell the ones I like most. Since the parking is kinda funky, we happily walk down the strip as usual and I got a snapped a few pics on the way. 

I was excited to see Jean-Michel Basquiat on this sticker. SAMO shall live forever. My mom got really into Basquait at the end of her life. A lot of her art began to resemble it, but I also attribute that to her unique brain functionings and failures. We could also attribute Basquait's art style to the same thing. He had to continue what was killing him in order to keep making art that the people loved. There's a cool documentary on him on Netflix if you want to check out more on him. I do enjoy capturing the advertisements of local artists as well. Knosebleed Fliques was able to catch my attention, so it'd be worth a moment to check out what they have to offer the world. 

I usually get Sandalwood and then experiment with a couple different other scents like Frankensense and Myrhh, Eygptian Goddess, and Patchouli. I need to have cash with me on the days I'm only buying incense as there is a ten dollar limit I think.  

There's this wall a bunch of people have written on. I'm not sure what the qualifications are to write on the wall, but I'm going to write on the wall next time I go. If they get to write on the wall, I want to write on the wall. I'll write Art Loves Company. Aziza Morgan. Yea...The "Yea" will be included. Maybe you have to be a band or something. If so, I'll just walk in with my violin and say I'm a band now let me write on this wall!

These watches looked cool from a distance, but up close I realized they all looked cheap. Perhaps it was the rubbery, bottom-of-the-cereal-box wrist bands that every watch had, but some of the watch face designs were cool. 

We stopped at Mac's Backs to pick up a couple copies of The New Jim Crow. The world seems to evolve but truly stays the same at its root. These roots just sprout up differently from generation to generation. But nothing has really changed.

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