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May 6, 2014

Gh0stparties' DIY Manicure

I came across a video yesterday that made me really want to do my own manicure immediately, as I am in desperate need of one. I've finally let my nails grow out just a bit, I'm always always always picking with them and nagging them. There are two reasons why my nails never get a chance.
One: My violin has taken over a majority of my life. Two: I've had a nervous habit that has now grown into a semi-nervous habit of just picking at my nails.

Usually if I see any snags or anything I will pick at them, eventually ruining everything. It gets to be subconscious at times. There must be a cure out there for those of us who continuously nag our nails. Perhaps keeping a video like this around will inspire me to strive for pretty nails at all times.

Well anyways, this DIY Manicure Routine video comes from gh0stparties.com, a wonderfully charming blog by Kate Johnson. Kate's videos are also on her YouTube channel, Ghostparties. You should definitely subscribe. She has created some very nice videos, inspiring me to do that same perhaps one day...Enjoy. Z

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