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Nov 12, 2014

Sakile's Hair Routine for Full Length Retention

Co-wash Stocking Cap Treatment Routine

My darling younger sister, Sakile (Sah-key-lee), has a wonderful hair routine that pretty much results in almost 100% length retention, but the only thing is that you need to be able to casually wear a hat or some sort of head covering most of the time. I would say this is great for college students and anyone who isn't required to wear their hair out every single day. This honestly could work even if you have a weekend off. The reason why this retains all of your growth is because your hair stays moisturized and full of conditioner a majority of the time. She often says after she takes her hair down, she is amazed at the amount of growth. So here's the routine...

Before: Usually already twisted (flat or two strand)

1. Wet hair with warm water thoroughly.
2. Lather in excess hair conditioner
 Aussie Moist- for silky curly defined
 Hello Hydration- holds in moisture
 Tresemme Naturals- dryer
3. Scrub, then rinse out 1/2 to 3/4 rinsed out
4. Reapply heavy handedly
5. Detangle during the styling session, not during wash. Hair should be overly saturated with  conditioner.
6. Leave twists in 2-3 days with a fitted stocking cap on at all times (knee high)
 Two days for lighter conditioner, three for heavier
 Feel free to use deep conditioners, but note: deep conditioners will produce lots of falling residue, so  it's more for hair health and growth, not styling. If using deep conditioner for styling, then use olive  oil to cancel out the residue visibility.
7. Repeat

I took this picture of my sister last month around her birthday. She got her hair straightened. Amazing growth and amazing health. Her routine is a keeper. I have implemented it into my routines as well. Since my job doesn't permit wearing a hat over my stocking cap, I can squeeze this routine in the second half of the week since I work part time. Sakile keeps her hair saturated with conditioner in flat twists under a stocking cap under a hat. When it dries, she may take it down and wear her beautifully defined curls and then start it all back over again. She recently has been going to the Regency hair school to get her hair pressed for $8. They do a fine job and she can wear it straight to enjoy her length. My sister has thick healthy strands of hair and she did a big chop about a year and half ago. Not bad right? 

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