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Sep 24, 2014

Yelawolf My Box Chevy Collection: A Review on Greatness

The first time I discovered Yelawolf was about two years ago. I had an instant adoration of his work. I never had to sit and convince myself that what I was hearing was good (like I do so regularly with a lot of music). It was just genuinely good music on every level. He is incredibly talented. His music is wonderful vocal, and equally musical. A good experience all together. You just have to listen to all five, as they get better and better. The beats though!

The perfect marriage of his voice to the style of music composition and production is superior. His natural vocal timbre (The quality of the sound made by a particular voice or musical instrument) seems to fit comfortably within a sweet spot of an audible range that the human ear finds pleasing. You'll have to excuse me, being a musician has made me a wavelength and frequency enthusiast.

There are plenty of timbres and frequencies that we humans are either naturally in sync with, or it's an uncomfortable clash. I say all of this to try and explain that I feel as if Yelowolf's vocal timbre is one that is naturally pleasing in addition to his Alabama accent and incredible flow. Some people's timbres are raspier in nature (TBoz from TLC [a lower pitched range]/Erykah Badu[a mid pitch range]).

Some vocal tones can be really soft and sweet (Aaliyah/Janet Jackson/Ciara) or even strong and powerful (Beyonce/Jennifer Hudson/Christina Aquiliera). Some timbres can be good, but can also get a little whiny sometimes depending on the range that vocalist is in (Justin Beiber/ Rihanna). Just to name a few examples. Not sure why I went on a timbre tangent but I felt it had to be said!

Getting back to Yelawolf, I enjoyed his five part Box Chevy collection. This needs to be noted and recognized for what it is....brilliant. Of course it is still rap, which comes along with its own territory of potentially explicit lyrics and subject matter. That's just how it is and how it's always going to be. So for those who don't watch any programs on TV higher than a 14 year old rating, hip hop may not be the best genre of music for you.

I didn't hear the Box Chevy tracks in their original order, I heard them out of order discovering different versions as time went on. I wanted to make an effort to collect them all here on one place surrounding them with favorable reviews and recognition. Yelawolf, you've done a great job my dear. Well done indeed.

Art is truly about expressing yourself through a skill that you have acquired (on which ever level you happen to be at) and using actual inspiration from one's life that helps pave the path to a finished project. Obviously there is a percentage of actual physical and actionable execution necessary to result with an existing product. Too often dreams are not realized, and remain in the form of an idea or dream.

I love his accent as well. That makes up a huge part of his whole package. The distinct southern twang that flows as briskly as the momentum of his word execution. On top of his southern vocals, he also has the ability to freely speed up his flow as fluid and precise as one applying steady pressure to a gas petal on a powerful but contained engine. It is so very seldom an industry gets hit with something that cannot be recreated or manufactured like so many companies try to do

It's so very hard to say which track is my favorite, or to even rate them in order. It's just so hard. They all have such different qualities. I tend to play 3, 4 and 5 the most often, but 1 and 2 are newer experiences for me and they both come with great qualities that make me want to hit replay over and over again.

Part Four. The beat is just unbelievable. I turn it on, and even though the sound travels seamlessly through my headphones to my eardrums, my brain refuses to believe that something could sound so good. It just can't happen this way. What have you done Yelawolf? What have you done to us..This is too good for the ears to understand. That musical composition hits areas in you that you didn't know received sound signal.

Then there is the last one. My Box Chevy Five. The beat is just so funky crazy cool. That bass line...Everything is just on....point. Yelawolf, I give you your credits a thousand times over and one extra for good measure. I suggest the people who have had the pleasure to experience Yelawolf's talent, to recognize its brilliance. Why is it so easy for me to give people credit where credit is due instead of finding non exisitent things to complain about? Because I am an artist of my own sorts as well.

I get great joy from the act of uplifting another person. It's actually a quite distinct feeling that has its own type of joy and positive sensation attached to it. The one truest thing an artist wants from his or her creation is for it to be recognized as his or her own work as well as see it for what it was meant to show. Man I have such a passion brewing over for creation and its creators. We [creators] construct the details of existence, more so rearrange them. Oh it's lovely. I could go on and on....

Again I will say that this is just great music. To me it is indisputable, but of course everyone has their tastes. If he didn't make any other music ever again, these five tracks are amazing enough to represent his brand, talent and greatness.



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