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Aug 19, 2014

Natural Hair Treatment Fails

One of my first natural hair treatments was a homemade banana hair mask. The mixture included bananas, olive oil, honey, milk and an egg.

I laid out everything nicely to take a shot for my blog, as you can see above, and then jumped straight into mixing it all up.

I sat there and mashed those bananas into the rest of the mixture until it was all one consistency. I took my time with it, to make sure it was thoroughly mixed. 

I should go ahead and say for the record that no blender was involved with this treatment. I saturated my hair with the treatment, shower capped it, and let it marinate in my hair. The real drama began after I attempted to rinse and wash everything out. Their were tiny bits of banana particles that were embedded into my hair. Everywhere!

I tried rinsing and washing and rinsing to no avail. It was the worst experience ever. I tried to wear a hat to work to conceal the horror. Anytime something like that happens to me, I start to freak out and think I will never go back to normal. Permanently bound to banana bits. 

So I've learned that most who use fresh bananas usually incorporate a blender to make sure it all blends completely. I don't even do that much now a days. I go to Walmart and buy banana baby food and I'm fine with that. I have a banana baby food treatment that works as a great weekly alternative to actual bananas. 

So the banana flop wasn't the only fail I experienced. I had almost an equally terrifying time with avocados. I used a whole avocado, some honey and yogurt I believe.

I mixed it all up and it was looking mighty smooth. It truly appeared to be blended to perfection by hand. But I now believe that you can never truly blend foods like these to perfection by hand. 

See that? Looks pretty smooth right? WRONG...After I put this in my hair, I could not get it out. Bits after bits after bits of avocado everywhere. I really couldn't tell you why I decided to try and mix another fruit by hand for a hair treatment after what happened with the banana.

I think the reason why most of us continue to make the same mistakes, is that we use our minds to rationalize why this time might be different. I can't recall my rationalization but apparently is was stupid. Lesson learned! 

I will never ever mash up a whole fruit or vegetable by hand and put it in my hair again. It took maybe a week at least for all that crap to slowly come out. And that was with me trying to brush out particles with my hands all day every day. It's just not worth it.

My biggest fail, even more so than not using a blender, was not straining the mixture. If I would have been able to separate the majority of the liquid from the solids, my experience would have been much different. But still, I'm over it.

I will go and buy guacamole and put that in my hair before I do this again. My advice is to buy the baby food versions, or thoroughly using a blender/strainer. I'm too traumatized to even use a blender at this point. Never again I say. Never again. 



  1. LOL! I'm imagining this whole situation right now... Hilarious!

  2. Yes girl....It was horrific and very funny reading back over it. I will never ever expect a different outcome from putting whole fruits in my hair. I know better for real. lol