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Jul 9, 2014

Wade Oval Photography and Surrounding Areas

These pictures were taken the first Wade Oval Wednesday here in the mighty Land. I think that may have been about a month ago, I'm not sure. We had to park over on Euclid and some side street I can't recall. It gave me a chance to get some shots on the way there and back. I'll admit now, I was much more interested in the surrounding areas than the Wade Oval Wednesday festival camp grounds. But I did get a few shots in before I began the journey back to the car. Those are my favorite pictures.

So we made a couple laps around the dozens of dozens. Saw some food trucks. Awesome. Saw some eclectic custom bicycles. Sweet. Saw a live band. Cool. And saw people camped out throughout the area of the grass. 

Couldn't help but take a few shots of the surrounding plant life, being steps away from the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. A place I walk right on past because they charge and The Cleveland Art Museum does not. I'll go one day I'm sure. I used to go to the one off of Martin Luther King Blvd all the time. It was en route to my ballet practices. My mom was amazing looking back. But anyhoo....

Self Portrait One

Self Portrait Two

I studied here in high school. Was concertmaster of the Youth String Camerata. Studied under the late Kurt Loebel, former Cleveland Orchestra member of 50 years. I will cherish my time with him all my life. Very old, little cute man. 

My mom made that arrowhead necklace. As the wonderful artist she was, she also designed and created jewelry. She had enameling stove in her art studio (which was separate from our home). I've spent a lot of time as a kid running around with my sister at art festivals and shows, while she was selling her art at her booth. Good times. 

Byron the Husband took this shot. Love it as is.



  1. the flower photos are AMAZING!!

    1. Thank you! I wasn't planning on it becoming a partial flower photo shoot, as I didn't even post all of the flower pics I took. But I couldn't help but capture its beauty. If I had a different lens, I would've really been able to capture its greatness.