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Jul 8, 2014

Molasses Pre Shampoo Treatment

I reached up and touched my hair a couple days ago and was ashamed of myself immediately. It was DRY. Dead dry I say. So dry, in fact, that I wanted to just shave it all off (temporarily for like a second and then magically snap my finger and go back in time and actually have hair again). A deep conditioner was desperately needed.

I needed something that would truly penetrate my hair and restore its softness. When my hair is soft, I know everything's okay. I needed something that I already had in my kitchen, that would take my hair from dull, ashy shame to dark, lovely shine. Solution: Molasses (and Olive Oil).

1 cup Molasses
1 cup Olive oil

When you mix the two, it won't be necessary to warm the mixture up for ease of application. As thick as molasses looks, once that olive oil joins in, it thins out a bit. The molasses is much more dense than olive oil, so it will always settle down to the bottom of the bowl.

I had to lightly spritz down my hair with water to prepare it for the molasses mixture, one section at a time. I would suggest putting the molasses mixture in an applicator bottle for the least amount of mess. I wish I would have done that because I went through some things trying to get this situated in my hair. Mostly lots of dripping.

Smooth the molasses mixture from the root to tip of your hair. I drizzled some on my roots and ends, and then rubbed it all through that section of hair. I did that for my entire head and threw on a shower cap. Keep it on for however long you like. I kept it on for just 30 minutes, as I had to wake up early for work. I wish I would have just started earlier in the day instead of always waiting so late to do my hair. Of course the times I need my hair to be dry it's not...

I rinsed the molasses out with cool water, and then continued on with my wash and style routine. I loved using the molasses despite the horrific mess I made. I've learned my lesson! I am definitely going to do this again, and leave it in for a much longer period of time. My hair was so soft when I took down my braids the next morning. I am hoping it will start to darken my hair as that is something I desperately want. Molasses can also stimulate hair growth and help thicken hair as well.

Then there's the question of regular molasses vs blackstrap molasses. I've seen a lot floating around on the web about blackstrap. From what I have read, the difference is that regular molasses is the first or second boiling of cane sugar syrup, whereas blackstrap is the third boiling, resulting in higher levels of nutrients. 

I did not use this version, but I still got some good results. When I finish with the jar I have now, I will purchase the blackstrap and test out the differences. If I find out that they do the same thing for my hair, then I will buy which ever one is least expensive, which would probably be regular molasses. I'm excited to run some tests with molasses over time to see the potential of its benefits. 


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